Gardens : A secret garden - gone but not forgotten

Note: I have decided to resurrect this blog post since, VERY SAD to say I recently found out that in February of 2009 a bushfire raged through the township destroying much in its path including much of this beautiful garden.

I love secret gardens! Although this one may not be so secret anymore, it is filled with all the magic and enchantment you would expect to find in such a lush green hideaway. Hidden among the trees of the small Victorian village of Marysville in Australia, it is a world full of fantasy, beauty and whimsy. It's creator, Bruno Torf has lovingly sculpted, gardened and built one of the world's most unique and deeply inspiring experiences for art and garden lovers of all ages.

The luscious sub-alpine forests of the surrounding area made an ideal setting for Bruno's plan and luckily the property he purchased had a large section of rain forest attached. Bruno's Art & Sculpture Garden began with just fifteen life sizes terracotta sculptures, and today boasts over one hundred and fifteen pieces on display, with Bruno continually adding new pieces. A gallery that houses over 200 of his creations brought over from Europe includes oil paintings, sketches and smaller sculptures. The unique experience of the garden and its wondrous inhabitants attracts thousands of visitors a year.

I would love to visit this place, wouldn't you? It's JUST COOL!

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