interiors :: organized walls

If you love organization then you will love this! HGWN's Wall Unitizer is more than just storage. The aesthetically pleasing wall installation shown here in a 4,000 square foot apartment, condenses and organizes projects,activities and all the stuff that goes with them  into one sleek curvy looking shelving unit. The customizable grid conforms to every space and use. This JUST COOL Unitizer makes its way around corners reaching out to become seats,tables,display and more.


advertising :: shoe money

An ad for CoinStar . How clever can ya get!

camping :: how to get eaten by a bear

Eiko Shizawa created the Great Sleeping Bear - a sleeping bag that looks like a real black bear!
About her unusual sleeping bag Eiko writes: this bear sleeping bag is the metaphor of the changes between being eaten by a bear, being a bear, who killed a bear and wearing a bear skin, or who sees it and wants to hunt the bear.

 I don't know about you but I won't be sleeping in a bear anytime soon. When I was just a wee baby, my brave five year old brother saved me from the jaws of a big old bear in Yellowstone Park. It wasn't Yogi or Boo Boo either - it was the real deal! So I'll pass on this JUST COOL sleeping bag and word to the wize - don't sleep in this while camping in bear infested campgrounds. May attract attention...

fashion :: style for plus sizes

Throughout my adult life, I've had weight issues. My weight has teetered back and forth from stylishly thin to plus size fat and is still always unpredictable. So when it comes to fashion styles, size wise,  I have seen it all! One thing for sure is that styles do change when you go from petite, junior and miss sizes to plus sizes. On the "cute curve" the cuteness tumbles down to almost a zero. There are moo-moos and fat pants, dresses that could pass for maternity wear and every ugly thing in between.Even the patterns and fabrics seem unattractive. I wonder why more designers don't design for plus sized women, because in the US one out of every three women is overweight or considered obese! But one plus size store on the web may be an exception to that ugly rule. It actually carries a broad range of cute fashions that are up to date and trendy and don't look like your average "fat clothes". Plussizefix.com carries affordable high quality, plus size clothes from dresses for special occasions, including teen prom designs in junior plus fashion, to outer wear, casual wear and even sexy lingerie fit for the curvy plus size girl. They believe that their clothing brings out the confidence and self esteem that every over size 12 girl, from plus size teen, to plus size women deserves to have. I saw some decent outerwear on there - the Downtown Girl Black Coat and the elegant Cape Coat Hoodie - and the prices were unbelieveably cheap! So if you're a plus size lady from size 14 - 24 and looking for fashion, check them out.


stairs :: the coolest for the smallest

What do you do when you have a small space and lots of stuff? You  get creative! Here's a clever way to do it with style. This sleek modern staircase has three functions. It's obviously a set of stairs but it also acts as a room divider, a coffee table and a bookcase too. Very smart and very JUST COOL. I like!
really cool contemporary stairs 
Unfortunately I found this one on the web and have no idea where it originated or who manufactures it / designed it. :(  Do you??

on the web :: cranking up the seo

Remember my blog about blogging? Its encouraging when you look at your traffic stats and see your number of readers rising daily! There are ways to get traffic to your blog and/or website.One way is through SEO or Search Engine Optimization which is the number one tactic used for driving traffic to your website. And we all know, that if you have advertising or are selling something, more readers translates into more money! Understanding Search Engine Marketing is complex, and keeping up to date with the constant changes that occur within the Search Engines can be extremely time consuming. But there are SEO Companies like www.Loveclients.com that can do all the leg work for you, getting your website ranked in the top search results of Google/Yahoo/Msn. Loveclients quality customer service is phenomenal, offering dedicated SEO services 24/7 - 365 days of the week,where you can Live Chat with a dedicated SEO Expert any  minute of the day.Add to that they offer reasonable rates with  no hidden charges, and because there are no contracts, you can even use them as much or as little as you please. YOU have the control. I like that! Check them out. And get going on that blog!


furniture :: you see saw it here

It looks like a seesaw but its a chair! The Swingers Chair by designer Jaebeom Jeong plays on the idea that while two strangers sit on it and may never meet each other face to face they are dependent on each other's actions to sit down and get up. I'd like to see two strangers sitting on this funky chair. How would they react?

on the web :: the host with the most

Writing a blog can be a fun and rewarding experience. I'm always trying to convince my friends and family to do it. What starts out as a few innocent paragraphs about a few things personal to you, can turn into a year long journal that you actually have readers subscribing to and coming back to read more. But be careful, because once you get into blogging it becomes totally ADDICTING! I didn't realize exactly how addicting until a few weeks ago when JUST COOL DESIGN was down for two days and I was unable to post a thing! Yikes!

For that reason I decided what I should do and should have done all along ,was to get my own website hosting and not have to rely on blogger, or any other blog hosting website. So I googled the words "web hosting" and found a great website that consolidates all the top rated web hosting sites onto one very informative directory. It's called www.webhostinggeeks.com. It has honest, independent reviews of the best web hosting providers with cheap professional web hosting services under $10 a month and get this : all webhosting plans include at least one free domain name registration and 30 day money back guarantee. So people, go ahead, start your own blog and if you are seriously considering getting your own hosting for it or for your own website, be sure to do your homework first and check out the web hosting geeks for the best in reviews and information!

kids :: a house of their own

What a delight! Nestled among the daisies is this irresistable little playhouse any child would love.  Sooooo cute, it makes me want to go back to my own childhood (or buy one of these little dwellings for Aven and Calla!). The qb is the first children’s play house which isn’t only unique in it's qua shape, but it is special  because you can completely customize it according to your own specifications. Choose from a fun array of colors and prints or upload your own patterns and build your own personal design!

Netherlands based company QUUBI builds each of these tiny fairytale houses to order. Each is made of durable, high-quality materials, is  environment-friendly and a portion of all sales goes to “Right to play”, because QB feels that all children have the right to play.


travel :: swimming with dolphins!

What amazing animals dolphins are! SeaWorld has created a cool new blog called Dolphin Bubbles that is dedicated to this popular and beloved sea creature. But why did they call it ""dolphin bubbles", you may wonder. Well, because Dolphins can blow ,create and play with bubbles. The informative site has lots of photos and videos of this fascinating "bubble" phenomena and it is really cool to watch these fellows in action! And if perhaps you'd like to see these playful dolphins up close and personal ,why not plan an exciting vacation where you can actually swim with them? At Orlando Florida's SeaWorld and Discovery Cove, you can do just that and create a memorable, once in a lifetime experience.
Picture yourself in a lush, tropical getaway, where exhilarating adventure and rest and relaxation can be enjoyed at every turn. Where you can bask in the warm sun on pristine beaches or float peacefully down a scenic tropical river. At Discovery Cove you'll be able to snorkel in crystal clear waters filled with colorful and exotic fish and let tropical birds feed right from your hand! If you are an adventurous soul, why not explore the vibrant coral reefs and lush, secluded grottos. But the ultimate experience of all will be when you make friends with the dolphins and join them for a swim in a tranquil lagoon. SeaWorld offers such an experience taking you on a one-of-a-kind journey to the wonders that exist beyond the ocean’s door. A place where up-close encounters connect you to the energy, excitement, and mystery of the sea and all the wonders of the creatures that live in it. So check out their blog, dolphin bubbles and prepare for your adventure of a lifetime!


art :: the beauty of fast food

Art is all around us. Even in today's lunch . The Molecular Expressions Team at Florida State University analyzes various substances under powerful microscopes and then, with the art of photomicrography ( photography with a microscope), they post the amazing screenshots online. Who'da guess a hamburger could be so pretty.

the bun

the burger

the cheese

the lettuce

the  onion

the fries

check out more from Molecular Expressions here...

(including what you had to drink last night.)

art :: own a masterpiece!

Being an artist and loving art,  I am always on the look out for cool art websites and I found one today. It's called Paragon Fine Art Gallery and features some outstanding artists in it's online gallery, including Michael & Inessa Garmash , Isaac Maimon, Tina Roberson, Sergey Smirnov, and Ashley Coll to name a few. Plus such notable favorites as Peter Max, Erte and Thomas McKnight. This full service art gallery in the Los Angeles area is great because it offers dealer wholesale prices to the public and has a varied eclectic selection of original artwork, and you can even purchase your one of a kind masterpiece online! Because they deal with original work, their inventory changes daily though,so check them out... and often!


ebay :: extreme cave home for sale

In December of 2003 Kurt and Deborah Sleeper purchased a St. Louis Missouri 15,000 square foot cave for about $160,000 on Ebay. Now, 6 years later after spending over five years turning the cave into a livable home and offices, and living in it for less than one, (and giving birth to their third child in it just last week!) the couple is forced to sell, due to the economy. And they are selling it on...you guessed it....Ebay!

Check out their eBay Cave Home Auction here and see and read all about caveland here. It is amazing and JUST COOL!

advertising :: all you can eat

Here's an enticing way to get you to stop at the rest area for a bite to eat ...


Or give you driver's angst. Yikes - It's JUST COOL!

via adpunch

windows :: updating to save money

I love these new flat pak cabins made of prebuilt panels that building companies like Form and Forest  are coming out with. They are sleek, minimal and soooo efficient that everything you need and could want fits right into one neat little package as small as 635 square feet. In order to maximize that small  space though, one has to be creative. Taking advantage of  open outdoor space can really make a difference in how you feel inside your  small space. If you have nice big open windows like these, then covering them for privacy, yet preserving your view to the expansive out-of-doors  is key. 
I like the new shades that The Shade Store has recently introduced for just such an installation. Their window coverings called Eco-Solar Shades not only add style, but are truly energy efficient. They are environmentally friendly too, conserving energy and saving you money at the same time. They have some unique features that I really like. They absorb heat, keeping your home comfy in both the summer and winter months, they reduce annoying glare and they protect all your beautiful furnishings and carpets from harmful UV rays which can damage and fade the fibers (and fade artwork on your wall as well - bet you didn't know that!). PLUS they are minimal enough to preserve your view of the outdoors, yet sleek and stylish at the same time.

Even if you aren't building a new home or  putting up a prefab like these flatpak cabins, consider how updating from inefficient window coverings to ones like these solar shades can add beauty to your living space and put money in your pocket, too! Right now, The Shade Store is offering 15% off and free shipping on all orders that use the code: IZEA01 . So hurry,  check them out!


medicine :: ringtone surgery = bigger boobs

I don't usually write about boobs but I couldn't believe this - until I watched the video. A Japanese rock musician / cognitive scientist has found an innovative way to increase breast size. And reversing hair loss and memory loss are not far off in the future either with his unusual finding. So what's his secret? Subliminal ringtones. The Discovery Channel has lent credibity to his ringtone "surgery", too. By listening to the Rock Melon ringtone 20 times a day for ten consecutive days, it was shown that breast size can be enlarged through subliminal messages.
Ringtone creator Hideto Tomabechi plays deep programming messages of a baby crying intermixed with other messages that open up the channels to different control spots in the brain. Thanks to his ‘proven’ research, small-chested Japanese women are flocking to the ringtone as an alternative to invasive plastic surgery. I wonder - could such a far out idea as this hold promise for curing disease too? (but then all the $$$$ made by the healthcare system would go out the window! ) Anyway its interesting - and JUST COOL!


cute :: meercat


recycle :: let's book

Who has piles of old paperbacks stored in their closets, cellars and attics - raise your hand! I do, and I have no idea what to do with all of them. Some I have inherited, some I have picked up at tag sales and some I've even bought new. And since I don't even read books anymore, they are just gathering dust. SO what do you do with them? Here are some clever ideas.

Rhode Island artist David Karoff welded a chair of discarded rebar and attached used paperbacks: they have holes drilled though their insides and are slipped onto the hidden frame. Need some reading material? Just pull one off of your chair!
Or how about building a fort out of all those books - kind of similar to Tom Bendtsens "Argument"  series, below...

You may not read them anymore but for all of their other neat uses, paperback books are JUST COOL!


design :: to vase or to unvase

This is NOT a vase! It's an "unvase" ...

This cool vase, designed by Alberto Caramello of DOT Design, is actually two shapes that take advantage of positive and negative space to create an optical effect that looks like ...ummm...a vase!
VERY JUST COOL ... I think...

fashion :: dreamy diamond wristwatch

Diamonds sure are a girl's best friend and I found my next best friend at The Watchery . This stunning Audemars Piguet Charleston Ladies' Watch boasts a shimmery 18K White Gold case and band and is encrusted with gobs (meaning 282!) of dazzling white diamonds - 6.15 karats to be exact! I love that this Wristwatch doubles as a bracelet too, making it so much more girly then just a watch -  perfect to wear to any formal event, dinner or gala! And who knows, I may even wear it to the grocery store and make all the girls drool. It really is a pretty thing, isn't it? Of all the wrist watches I've looked at, this has got to be THE ONE. And that is saying something with the selection that thewatchery.com has to offer. They carry such luxury brands as Corem, Chopard, Harry Winston, Cartier, A. Lange Sohne,Gerald Genta,Ulysse Narde,Jaeger-LeCoultre and Breitling just to name just a few, and all at discounted prices.
So should I call and order now? (They're phone number is 1-866-843-9282) Or should I wait and check to see if my bank balance can handle it first? It's Super Sale Price is $55,275, that means I save $112,225! - ( list price is $167,500)
I love diamonds and I love deals too, and this one is JUST COOL!

pets :: remote control for your cat

Cats. You either love 'em or you hate 'em. I do love cats (remember Moxie Matilda?) but sometimes they can be annoying. If only we had a remote control to turn them on and off. Make them purr,scratch, hiss and attack on demand, chase their tail, cough up fur balls, hide under the bed when company comes - you know, all those wonderful things that cats do.

Actually there is such a device. It's a remote called CONTROL-A-CAT. It needs no batteries  because it operates on positive thinking. So that means its eco friendly as well ;)

Hmmmm...I have a few cat lover friends in mind for this cool gift! Get it over at ThinkGeek!

games :: everything for paintball!

I have a few friends whose kids are seriously into Paintball, so  I promised them I would post the link to this very cool paint ball website, Ultimate Paintball .

The website is chock full of everything they will need including Tippmann, Spyder, Smart Parts, Dye, Empire, Draxxus paintball gear, plus more, more, more! So kids, GO FOR IT and get that spyder paintball gun that you've been wanting!


photo :: cute prayers

Saw this over at content in a cottage and it made me smile...

spring :: has it sprung yet?

28 days and counting 'til the first day of Spring! The frosting of snow outside doesn't keep me from browsing through the Spring garden catalogs. And heck, if Winter decides to rear it's ugly head for longer then it's designated three months, why not bring Spring indoors? I saw this wonderful vertical garden on the Smith and Hawken's site that I have to have! Yummm... fresh herbs in all my cooking, wonderful herby smells throughout the house and it will save me moulah as well since I won't have to buy those plastic containers of wilted herbs in the produce section anymore.

 All I need now is a bright spot to put it in! A fresh idea - it's JUST COOL!


The US MAIL :: goes midcentury modern

Okay , I admit I'm a little behind the times when it comes to postage stamps. Yesterday I had to visit the USPS.com website to see how much a first class postage stamp is because I had a letter to post and had no idea how many of last years postage stamps (that I found in a drawer) my letter would need. You see, I pay all my bills online and email everyone so have little need for snail mail. The rates change so often too and so does postage stamp art. So I was highly impressed when I saw these nifty Charles and Ray Eames postage stamps on the USPS site ( via ohdeedoh ). I think they're cool and so will you if you are a midcentury- modern -aholic like I am (sometimes). Even if they did come out last year ;) I'm sure you can get them at your local PO.

I'll never be a collector of stamps but these little beauties are definitely JUST COOL!Hey I wonder if they have any Frank Lloyd Wright's?


Design :: windows go green

Style is a matter of personal taste. But I'm fickle. I love modern, I love traditional and I love transitional  as well. Put a pair of  midcentury modern, flower power upholstered chairs  in a room with antique french toile wallpaper and huge abstract paintings and I am a happy camper. But when it comes to window treatments I like a clean minimalist approach with lots of light and no distractions - no fancy patterned drapery, heavy  hardware or layers of sheers either.  This is where The Shade Store comes in. With its great selection of custom shades made in a huge variety of beautiful fabrics and materials as well as styles, it's one stop shopping for all of your window dressing needs. Right now they are offering an unadvertised special to all my blog readers - take 15% off and enjoy free shipping on all orders! Use the code: IZEA01 at checkout.

I particularly like the solar shades this company has. Their Eco-Solar Shades are environmentally friendly and conserve energy - saving you money. And we all need to do that these days! Not only do these shades absorb heat but they protect interiors  from harmful UV Rays and reduce glare, all while still maintaining your view of the outdoors. The Shade Store's products are all manufactured in the USA by textile partners who are committed to environmentally-friendly practices. All Solar Shades are GreenGuard certified and the Eco-Solar Shade material is 100% recyclable, lead-free, PVC-free. The manufacturers use such cool organic products  as sustainable natural grasses, reeds and bamboo, which I love. So not only are these shade beautiful but they are eco-friendly as well and save you money in the long run from higher energy bills. Can't beat that! Check out the website and take advantage of their special offer. It's JUST COOL!


photo :: adorable

A Marilyn Monroe moment for two little girls...

toooo cute!