candy :: Halloween haul

To pillowcase or not to pillowcase. Thats the big question on every serious trick-or-treaters mind this spooky halloween night. When I was a kid, we always found the biggest pillowcase in the house to collect all our sugary loot in. Unfortunately back then (I know I'm dating myself on this one) king pillowcases hadn't been invented so we could only use the standard size. Now imagine all the candy you could haul away with those california kings?

Over at My Science Project they made a serious but humorous study of how much Halloween candy can fit in a pillowcase. Pillowcase or pumpkin pail, which is your (or your kids, grandkids) favorite Halloween Bag?

Real estate :: rats increasing property sales

Remember Banksy? Well, a bizarrer than bizarre bidding war has broken out over a derelict London Pub all because of one of Banksy's big Rats. The rat in question is said to be one of his biggest rats ever and Owner Frenson is scurrying to cash in on the bidding frenzy.
Banksy Rat

He recently put the former White House pub, which is on ECHO’s "Stop The Rot" hitlist, up for sale for £495,000. The attached giant “gunrat” mural that was sprayed on the derelict building four years ago, will only sweeten the deal with expectations of it's doubling the price. Urban art specialists Purple Revolver, who have campaigned for the giant Banksy to be preserved, said that the building will easily fetch more than £1 million at auction.Unconventional Banksy has cornered the graffiti art market, selling his unique pieces for millions, and counts Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie among his collectors.

Hmmm... I think I smell a rat somewhere. That looks like a cat not a rat.

But I guess it's not - It's Banksy's Rat. His rats are JUST COOL!

Save Up to 50% on Flea and Tick Medications

Halloween :: the scariest costume

...only it isn't a costume - it's for real.

Jocelyn Wildenstein doesn't have to worry about what to wear for Halloween. She's been wearing it for years and each year it gets a little better - and scarier. The rich 68 year old divorcee spent over $3 million on cosmetic surgery over the years and it started way back in the 1990's when she caught her husband in bed with a Russian model and decided to get his attention by turning into one of his favorite pets, a cat. Her pricey feline transformation didn't help her though - it scared him so much that he divorced her.


The plasticene feline is known to have received several procedures including silicone injections to the lips, cheek, and chin along with a facelift and eye reconstruction to appear more feline. (Uhhh...it looks like atleast 100 procedures.) This meowerific lady is known by nicknames like Cat Woman and Bride of Frankenstein (aka Wildenstein.) and believe it or not - she's still hot - atleast according to her longtime boyfriend Lloyd Klein. All she needs now are some whiskers and a tail. At her age the whiskers shouldn't be a problem.

Happy Halloween everyone! This cat woman is JUST COOL!


furniture :: plum panache

This autumn the color is purple. The chair is LUIS from KFF ,swathed in luscious ripe plum.

Luis in plum

Sit back...it's JUST COOL!

Home Theater Seating, Reclining Sofas

health :: snake sssssspa and rodent massage

This spa experience is guaranteed to make your skin crawl. Ara Barak claims her pet snakes make the perfect masseurs and that their muscular movements cause a relaxing massage sensation when placed on a person's skin. Sure... if you like the feeling of cold clammy snake skin slithering across your back.
Snake massage

Snake massage

Her reptile massage offers the massagee a choice of deep massage with the bigger meaty snakes or a "light touch massage" that employs the smaller, more delicate creepy crawlers that tickle your tendons, all for a mere £30.

Ms Barak realizes that some people may have an aversion to snakes so snakes aren't the only masseurs in her massage parlor . She also offers Rodent massage where mice and rats are placed on the bottoms of the feet instead. Really. I think all this animal/reptile massage is just an excuse for her laziness. She doesn't lift a finger while she makes her "pets" do all the work. A case for PETA?

Slithering succotash - massage that's JUST COOL or CRUEL?

via dailymail

transportation :: Neil Young- go and say goodbye to the gas hog

Neil Young and 1959 Lincoln Continental car photo

Neil Young isn't just a Rock Icon, he's a tinkerer too. His current project is turning a nearly 20-foot-long, 5,000-pound badass 1959 Lincoln Continental into a vehicle that will run on natural gas, electricity or some other form of clean energy. Like a lot of other energy concious tinkerers Young is entering this big white beast in the Progressive Insurance Automotive X-Prize challenge to win $10 million. The goal is to get a car that can get 100 miles per gallon or better by running on clean fuels — electric batteries or natural gas. Why his 1959 Lincoln Continental and not a lighter more aerodynamic car? Because it's Neil's favorite, and the "craziest and most out-there design that American automobile manufacturers have come up with".

Linc Volt 1959 Neil Young photo

Young has teamed up with motorhead messiah Johnathon Goodwin and his team known for their modifications of big cars into high-mileage, high-horsepower, clean-burning vehicles to show the world how even a mammoth auto like Young's Link Volt can run efficiently on clean energy. Check out Lincvolt.


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art :: Paul McCartneys head found in trash

Six days after Paul McCartney's head was lost on a London train, it was found by Anthony Silva, who was rummaging through the train station's trash. Amid soggy fried fish, snotty kleenexes and sticky soda cups the homeless man discovered the goldmine. The valuable waxwork model which was originally being transported to auction and valued at up to $18,000, had been misplaced on the London train by Joby Carter, who rewarded the lucky homeless man with a $4,000 check.


via bestweekever

I love trashy stories like this! They're JUST COOL!

weddings :: the classiest ever or Mariah Carey's double life

The fairytale wedding. Every little girl dreams about it. And in the end, sixteen year old Missy Quinn's fairytale dreams came true when her father blew $200,000 and made it happen. Her dad, Simon, said it was worth every penny. Missy, who also has dreams of becoming a glamour model, was thrilled to be the center of everyones attention. How could she not be - with this interesting wedding combo that cost about $30,000 to show her off.


Her dress, studded with Swarovski crystals, and with a 10ft wide train, was so heavy that it took ten guests to help her struggle out of the Rolls-Royce Phantom that brought her to the church. Her crystal bouquet cost $1000. And if you think this outfit is to die for - wait 'til you see her mom's!


Her mom Theresa, 33, pictured above, who by the way bares a striking resemblence to Mariah Carey, said: 'I was surprised they wanted to get married so young in this day and age. But we could see they were madly in love.' She also married her husband at the age of 16.

The couple were married six days after Missy turned 16 at St Mary's Catholic Church in Congleton-Cheshire. After the ceremony-guests in feathers and crystals enjoyed champagne and an all-day buffet at the reception. Girls as young as nine showed off bikini tops, high heels and make-up. One of the guests, Victoria Docherty, who wore a $1200 hotpants and bra outfit, said: 'This isn't unusual - it's just what we do at weddings. It's all very extravagant. "

Extravagant, over the top, trashy .... It's all JUST COOL!


grafitti :: bigger rats in NYC

Banksy Rats take over NYC




A rat thats JUST COOL! ( T-Shirts?)

Save $10 on your order of $40 or more on supplies for your Pet Rat

architecture :: a frozen treat

If you haven't heard about the Ice Hotel in Sweden, then take a look. Every year a new Ice Hotel is built in the village of JukkasjÀrvi from the frozen waters of the nearby Torne River. Why? because the last one melted in the Spring . The Ice Hotel is a perfect collaborative effort of nature and man.Built from 30,000 tons of snow and 4,000 tons of ice, this frozen hotel is carved by a team of talented artists who create this temporary building’s architecture and artistic design which includes ten suites, the Absolut Vodka-sponsored IceBar, an onsite restaurant, and even an ice church. With no heat in this giant igloo, guests sleep in thermal sleeping bags on stylish ice beds covered in native reindeer skins. At night the IceBar serves vodka at subzero temperatures in carved ice shot glasses. Recreation includes dogsled rides, Reindeer rustling, northern lights watching, and frozen waterfall climbing.




Frozen accomodations that are JUST COOL!

small spaces :: the shoe wheel solution

What's this funny looking thing? It looks like an abandoned hamster wheel filled with miniature shoes but what it is is a Shoe Wheel. Raku developed this nifty space saving shoe storage on wheels for those of us who have little space to store our Imelda Marcos sized shoe collection. This cool wheel will store 30 pairs of shoes from spikey stilettos to everyday sneakers. The shoes are safely secured in their spot with an elastic band, making for a neat look and a quick and easy way to select your pair of shoes.

The Shoe Wheel can be conveniently rolled around to whichever closet you want it in, thanks to the little wheels on the bottom. But why bother - when it looks this cool you'll want the whole world to see it - and your shoe collection.

Think the holidays and what a great gift for your shoe lovin' friends and family this would make. And with all of the shoes we Shoe-aholics are coveting I'm sure just one Shoe Wheel won't do. We'll need one for the red shoes, one for the black, one for glittery,one for pumps, one for...

The Shoe Wheel , priced at $65 and available in silver, white or black at the Rakku website
and it's JUST COOL!


politics :: oprah's hidden agenda

Rumor has it that Oprah Winfrey, who endorsed Barack Obama for president back in December is hoping that the future prez will "crown" her Ambassador of England should he win the presidency. Well, well...what does that mean for the Oprah Show? The scenario was suggested yesterday in an item in the London Times that quoted "well-placed sources" as saying her name has been "floating" around the watercooler .

The Ambassadorship would be Oprah's reward for her enthusiastic endorsement of Obama which was the first time she has ever publicly supported any candidate. Hidden agenda? Makes sense to me. We'll see.

architecture :: 99 bottles of beer on the wall plus...

More than one million beer bottles comprise this heavenly temple in a remote area of Thailand. Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple is about 400 miles northeast of Bangkok in the city of Khun Han close to the Cambodian border. With devoted determination, the Monks took castaway green Heineken bottles and brown Chang Beer bottles and painstakingly crafted this amazing temple. They were able to clean up the town of the discarded glass waste, recycle it and transform it all into a remarkable work of art! Everything, from the toilets to the crematorium is entirely made of the bottles. Talk about dedication! Take a look.

I'm inspired - to have another bottle of beer ;)
This place is JUST COOL!

WorldClassNutrition.com - See what's on special

fun :: virtual lego builder!

The kids were over for dinner the other night, filling me in on their big weekend in Chicago. While Josh ran the show at his booth at the RC Trade Show (for his axon racing systems razorback), Sasha and the kids did Chicago, checking out all the sites and kid spots, one of which is the famed lego land discovery centre. My grandson Aven is an avid lego builder, he's always creating something with those colorful little blocks, just like his dad did 30 years ago when this popular building toy came out. Well now the "must have toy" is a staple in every kids toy box. And now, instead of paying 7.95 for a box of Legos, we are paying 30.00! Inflation, recession, depression - it IS depressing how much it costs these days to keep our kids supplied with the latest toys. So, wasn't I proud of myself when I found the neatest site for kids where they can play with virtual legos online. YES! Not only is it cheap - FREE actually - but there aren't any tiny red lego blocks to clean up after or suck up into your soon to be broken vacuum cleaner.

So Moms and Dads, Gramps and Grannys - check it out- The Lego Digital Designer - fun for the kids - It's JUST COOL!

thanks bunchofnerds


kids :: have bathtub will travel

The kiddies love playing in the bath but how often when you travel, is only a shower available? This cool bathing contraption ends that problem. Similar to the ever popular pack and play "crib" that all kid friendly adults are familiar with, this " pack and bathe" concept is not only portable but can be placed in the shower for an instant bubbly good time!



Or hey, what about an instant outdoor swimming pool or fill it with balls and give the little ones an instant mini ball room. This nifty portable wonder from BibaBath is so multifunctional that it's JUST COOL!

via homedosh

cool product :: heating it up

Here in Upstate New York, the cold weather already has us bundling up in warm clothing, piling on the blankets and yup, cranking the heat up. This weekend it was in the low 40's, with snowflakes flying up in the Adirondacks. But I found some really cool heaters that will keep us warm. They're over at Deltacalor, an Italian company ( of course, don't most cool designs come from Italy?)

deltacalor radiator

deltacalor radiator

This uber cool radiator , called Calorisfero sure doesn't look like your ordinary radiator. It's design of spiralized steel hugging natural wood compliments the modern interior, warming it up with good looks as well as comfortable radiant heating.

Its so warm and toasty that it's JUST COOL!

From : Deltacalor

Divorce :: Madge and Guy do splitsville

If you haven't been reading the tabloids lately, the Madonna and Guy Ritchie split is on the front page everywhere. Madonna looks haggard, Guy is living the high life and the two are most assuredly miserable, with the tabloids adding even more fuel to their misery.

Divorce can be a catastrophic event whether you're a celebrity or not. Just like marriage, it should not be entered into lightly. With so many things to consider, it doesn't just affect the unhappy couple, but all the lives around them, including and especially the children. There are a lot of things at stake when entering a divorce. Such as how the property and debts are to be divided, who will be granted custody of the children, how much child support will be paid and if you're a highly visible celebrity like Madonna, there are a huge host of other issues as well. Each state (and country as in this case) has different guidelines and statutes and every couple has a different story and situation to bring to the table. Consulting and retaining a competent divorce attorney who will make the uncomfortable process a little less uncomfortable is always the smart thing to do. If the divorce is uncontested and both husband and wife are agreeable, they can make things easy by negotiating their own resolution to all of the issues. They then draft an order of dissolution and submit it to the court. If the order of dissolution complies with all the legal requirements and both parties entered into it knowingly and willingly, then the judge will approve it. Otherwise the two will go to trial and the court will issue an Order of Dissolution at the end of the trial. Honestly though, have you ever even heard of a high profile celebrity divorce case ending amicably and without having to go to trial? Uhhh...I don't think so.

Who know's how the Madge-Guy divorce will end up. Guess we'll have to keep our eyes peeled on the tabloids to find that one out.

video :: hang gliding penguin

and chicken and emu and...... every bird deserves to fly!

This uplifting video was made for the Washington State Lottery. If you won the lottery, would you fly with the birds? I would...it'd be JUST COOL!

video monday :: shen's mathmaticious nerd

It's Monday. I'm lazy. Hense Video Monday. This hilarious video was done by a 10th grader at Shenendehowa High, which is just up the road from here. His teacher is a neighbor of my son and apparently she said he wrote,acted in and created this whole video himself and quick too which I find pretty amazing. Pretty funny and nerdy. Stephen Spielberg and Harry Potter - watch out!

This Shen boy is JUST COOL!

politics :: krumping for the win

Dancing for the Stars doesn't get funnier then this...


beauty :: batty for lashes

The look is spectacular - Lavish lashes fringed with feathers! Lash fash is catching on in Japan so we know its headed west (or east depending on where you live) .

Shu Uemura has gone all out in the lash department with these fabulously feathery lashes for about $50 a pair. You can order them online, or try on a pair at the Lash Bar on your next trip to Tokyo.

These curly girly paperclip lashes are $90 from Viktor & Rolf .

Eyelash fashions are so JUST COOL!

via bloomacious

science :: how we see beautiful

Is the woman pictured on the right more attractive than the woman on the left? Do her wider-set eyes, the longer distance between her hairline and the bridge of the nose, and the rounder shape of her face make her more beautiful?

The photograph on the right was doctored by the “beautification engine” , a software program developed by computer scientists in Israel, that resconstructs the face using an algorithm involving 234 measurements between facial features, including the distances between lips and chin, the forehead and the eyes, or between the eyes. It was based on a study where men and women between 25 and 40 years old, viewed photographs of white male and female faces and picked the most attractive ones. The program alters the original form into a theoretically more attractive version, while maintaining what programmers call an “unmistakable similarity” to the original.

Weird... Although there isn't a huge difference in these photos, it makes it obvious why lip injections have become so popular. Read more about it at in the NY Times. It's fascinating and JUST COOL!

contest :: wacom bamboo + more...oh my!

Hey people. I'm excited to see that 123rf is running it's 123rf Search and Win contest again! Cte450s_md-1What's it all about? Everyday they are giving away 10 packages of 20 123RF credits worth $20 and 1 Wacom Bamboo worth $79 ! I'm excited about this because I've had my eye on the Bamboo for quite some time now. It's perfect for my needs as an artist and a writer! This sleek, compact tablet can transform your thoughts into powerful digital communications. Touch the pen tip to the tablet to handwrite notes, mark up digital documents, make quick sketches, even sign your name and plus it's a more comfortable and natural way to work, giving you a supplement to keyboard input and helps reduce mouse-related stress on your hand and wrist. I like that idea!

And for those who aren't familiar with the website, 123RF, that is so generously offering this great give-away, 123RF.com is your one-stop source for royalty free photos and offers beautiful and practical stock photos. They have a huge library of the latest photos - stunning, intriguing images for all of your creative projects. For a single subscription fee, you have access to a wealth of high-resolution images. Or you may purchase credits and download images, and even better yet, they have their daily dose of FREE images all absolutely free and on the house!

So hey what are you waiting for? I entered, so should you! To enter just go to 123RF.com. But hurry because the contest runs from September 22 till November 21, 2008.

Hope I win, because I want that tablet and this contest is JUST COOL.



food : Peanut butter gone a rye

Do you love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches but hate the time and energy it takes to make them. Heck, taking out the jar and spreading all that peanuty goodness on a piece of bread can be a lot of work. Well not any more. Because now you can get peanut butter slices. Really.

I won't give these my JUST COOL endorsement just yet. I'm gonna wait for the jelly slices to come out.