cool products - cool camera tripod makes pictures picture perfect

what is it???

It's the yellow bean bag tripod of course! It goes anywhere and allows your point and shoot camera to take crisp picture perfect still shots - even at night! Squish it into your backpack, your purse or wherever. Your camera screws onto the top of it and because its filled with beans you can shift it (and your camera) into any position to get just the right angle and it can be set-up virtually anywhere.

The bottlecap tripod (shown next to it) is slick too -
they're both JUST COOL...

only $13.99 at amazon.com

The Pod Yellow Bean Bag Camera Tripod (Medium, Center Mount) with Free Bottlecap Tripod

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cable Ties said...

this is cool stufff

Woodsy said...

Might I suggest the Beanpod also, www.Beanpods.co.uk ?

Cheers, Mark (UK).