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What the heck took so long! Finally a fast food restaurant that delivers health conscious meals.
Hello, Zen Burger!

LA and NY based Zen Burger is a new restaurant serving up healthy tasty meatless fast-food. “It’s just like McDonald’s,” says co-owner James Tu, referring to his burger (Special ZenSauce and all), his free-range-egg sandwich with ZenSausage, and his chicken nuggets—all of them made from proprietary blends of vegetables, grains, and soy products. The soft-serve in the shakes is dairy-free, and the ZenTuna is mixed with Veganaise. There’s even a kids’ menu, with smaller portions and a toy included with every order (if that doesn’t work as an eat-your-veggies bribe, there are always warm chocolate-chip cookies for dessert).

Zen Burger claims to revolutionize the fast food world with natural, wholesome vegetarian foods that have the look, feel, texture and taste of meats without the negative effects that meats pose to your health or the environment. From breakfast and lunch to dinner, their "comfort" foods include ZenSausage breakfast sandwich, ZenBeef burgers, crispy ZenChicken sandwich, ZenTuna sandwich and ZenHotDog, as well as perennial favorites like our ZenChicken tenders, ZenShrimp, French fries, organic salads, non-dairy ice cream, organic teas and coffees, natural sodas, etc.

After googling Zen Burger and reading a few reviews, I see it's mostly a thumbs up for this feel good fast food chain. It's just too bad there are only two restaurants open right now and I have to drive for three hours to get to the closest one! But check 'em out here>>>> You can even order online!

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