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I was in Walmart the other day in the pet food section picking up some Iams Biscuits for Pops when I stumbled upon an end cap loaded with Rachael Ray's new line, you guessed it, DOG FOOD. Yup, Ray Ray has gone bow wow! The new pet food is called Nutrish and from the ad, she claims "Nutrish for pets has real meat and vegetables, no junk or fillers".

"for pets", so she does cat food too?
Moxie will love that! Especially without all the junk ;) and one of Nutrish's ingredients is Rachael's ever popular EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) which will give Moxie a shiny coat.

How cool is that?

Theres more - Rachael also has pet treats - Isaboo Biscotti and Isaboo Grill Treats . And to top it off a portion of the proceeds from her pet food line go to her charity. Yup, shes got one of those too! Rachaels Rescue.

Rachael Ray is definitely one motivated woman. It gets me exhausted just talking about her. I wonder what's next for the wonder woman?

Baby Food?

Haven't tried the pet food yet (Mox or Pops I mean) but if it's as good as the food she makes, I am sure it's JUST COOL!

Check out the info here>>>Rachael Ray Nutrish

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