recycled remains...

I just checked my email to see if there are any takers for my free computer and monitor. Not yet but I'm sure it will go soon. Today, everyone is going green. Or trying too. I admit I still sneak empty soda cans into my trash now and then, and throw out magazines that should go to the recycle bin. But I have been trying. In fact last year I joined a group called freecycle which is a great venue for getting rid of what you don't need. Just about every city has one. Freecycle is an online community exchange where you post online what you would otherwise be throwing in the trash or sending to the thrift shop. Other members email you, pick it up and they end up putting it to good use in their own home. Recycled, re purposed - keeping things out of the landfill. Last year I must have cleared out a whole porchful of things that I was no longer using and needed. Old sofas and furniture, frames, junk (to me, treasures to them.) Plus I became the proud owner of a new pile of stuff that I actually needed! I got an expensive gas grill, lawn furniture, a computer and monitor (this is the one I am now freecycling ) , a few kitchen appliances and a bunch of stuff for my daughter's new apartment.

It's true..."one person's trash is another person's treasure".

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