weird - it knows your age

Over at one of my fav blogs I ran into this fun test from Flash Fabrica. Take it and see how old you are. Like Heywood, from Blogadilla , I was amazed at it's accuracy. I was even thinking could it somehow be reading my cookies in my computer where I had entered my birthdate on forms? It was spot on, just too unreal! So try it and let me know how you do. Oh...and you don't have to know Chinese to take it.


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Heywood said...

** it's Blogadilla, not blogzilla (though that's a pretty sweet name too)!

Thanks for the support and we'd love a link with the mention if possible!


wendy presseisen, said...

thanks heywood, it does have one...

Heywood said...

Appreciate the love.....I think I might just have to blog about those live grass sandals....SWEET!


wendy presseisen, said...

yeah cool

Anonymous said...

Erm, this is Japanese not Chinese