weird - rice crispy treat beverage cooler

Don't we just love products that have more than one function? Over at my science project they did a weird experiment to see which carbohydrate made the coolest (literally) beer cozy. You know, that holder you set your beer in, to keep it cool (which btw should be called a beer cooly because any cozy I ever knew kept things warm, not cold).

So the candidates were: a clump of glazed donuts (I'm really plugging Krispy Kreme this week) , a stack of bagels, all cut to hold the can, and my favorite, Rice Crispies Treats, molded to hold the can. And the winner was: the Rice Crispies Treats!
They actually performed above the neoprene foam rubber can holders - keeping the beverage 2 degrees colder. Way to go, RCT! But the best part about these sweet sticky can holders is that when you're done drinking, there's always dessert.

Check out how to make your cool can holders and other cool experiments over at my science project

They promise to keep your beer JUST COOL ;)

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Anonymous said...

I've generally heard them called "coozies" because they keep your beverage cool.