weird - watermelon art and thinking inside the box

You wouldn't think that watermelons, decorating and painting a room would have anything in common, would you? Well they don't really, but this morning when I was playing around in photoshop (as i often do) with watermelon colors I made up these cool optical illusions. Look at them for awhile. One grows while the other shrinks...

Could this mean that painting a room dark with light furnishings will make it visually recede and appear larger, while painting it light with dark furnishings will do the opposite and make it seem smaller? Or the opposite?

But then which box looks larger - the light lime green or the dark magenta?? And then of course there are the factors of warm vs. cool colors, up lighting, overhead lighting or natural light, ceilings, floors, textures... Oh my, I'm confused. And plus these squares are starting to drive my eyes batty.

The whole concept of how we see color and how it affects everything around us, though, is amazing!
and of course... JUST COOL!
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Tracy said...

Without a doubt my most favorite summertime snack is watermelon so I was delighted to see these watermelon illusions you created! It's pretty cool and mesmorizing.