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It's about time! The day has come for solar powered Air Conditioning. Thanks to GreenCore.

It's not a pretty package, but it sure is a breath of fresh (uh...COOL) air! GreenCore offers a guilt free alternative to our standard energy hogging air conditioning systems which doesn't contribute to green house emissions and global warming. And talk about saving money on today's high energy bills? This is how to do it!
GreenCore's solar powered DC air conditioner combines the most efficient photovoltaic technology with DC engineered air conditioning innovation to provide green climate control and efficiently operates completely grid-free or as a hybrid air conditioning unit. The Greencore 10200 comes in two models: a fixed one, and a mobile version (which runs on 2 or 4 batteries). Using a single 170-watt solar panel, it can keep a 600 square-foot room cool. 600 sq feet is about the size of a modular classroom, an office or retail shop, a small mobile home, a single or double apartment, military tents etc. The applications are endless! And the cool thing about solar a/c is that when do we need air conditioning? When the hot sun is out of course. Makes sense doesn't it?

To find out more about this awesome technology check out the GreenCore Air website. Right now, two high-profile clients of Greencore are McDonald's and the US Navy. Both of them are testing the solar air conditioner units.

It's about time air conditioning went green. It's JUST COOL!

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