cool product :: steaming haute tea - the sorapot

tea isn't my bag but I could surely change my coffee drinking ways if I had a teapot like this one!

Sorapot - It's feather weight aesthetic and solid construction of investment-cast stainless steel, borosilicate glass (Pyrex), and food-grade silicone,makes it look better the more you use it.
Joey Roth designed Sorapot "...to emphasize one of my favorite- the unfurling of tea leaves. Sorapot suspends the process of tea making in a glass tube a few centimeters above your tabletop. Unlike standard teapots that confine tealeaves in a small mesh basket, your leaves will have full run of Sorapot’s interior as they unfurl and change the hot water into tea. You might even see a tea-colored shadow cast by sunlight that passes through the tube."
Read more about it's tea brewing virtues and buy here >>>

It brews hot tea but still, it's JUST COOL!

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