science :: baby making experiment

Just for kicks I decided to make a few babies today. Over at MakeMeBabies.com you can upload pictures of yourself and your mate, your friend or fantasy. You can even hook up with such celebrity hotties as Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt,Marilyn Manson, Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie, etc etc and through the magic of morphism it creates a photo of your future child.

I played around with a few combinations, but still wasn't convinced by the generic results. So....I decided to experiment. This time I tried two dogs, a Westie and a Boston Terrier . To my horrific surprise this is what makemebabies came up with. Their offspring - a human child! Meet Bostie, the canine couples new baby girl.

Although it isn't very accurate, I guess it's still JUST COOL! And fun.

try it here >>>

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