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It's called KUHUUNST or Cow Art. Six brown cows grazing on the grassy side of Sprelacart Restaurant, a five story structure in Prenzlauerberg Germany. Vertically no less! Sergej Alexander installed his herd of life-size plaster cows on the building, making us wonder which way is up and which way is North. From all the scientific hooplah in August about cows having an inner compass and their innate ability to point themselves North, this herd seems to be breaking all the rules. But I guess anything goes these days - with global warming and all ;)

The Cow House
photo Alastair Seagroatt

Cows that are JUST COOL. An amazing artistic slight of hand - how the heck did they get those cows up there?!

Who do you want to be this Halloween?

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Jamie said...

ha! How cool is that! Love it!

DairyScienceMark said...

I love the picture and sent the link to it to several of my friends. Cows don't have an internal compass, of course. It's been known for decades that cows orient themselves according to the sun. When it's cold out, they put their side to the sun. When it's warm out, they face away from the sun. The recent research on cows and magnetism regrettably ignored previously published research from Canada that showed this was driven by the sun and staying warm.

Hope that helps.


wendy presseisen, said...

well yeah! that makes a whole lot more sense! thanks for the info mark