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Big always makes a grand statement and these gracefully sinuous sculptures would certainly do that if they were actually as big as I thought they were (five feet tall!) . I admit at first glance I eagerly misread the numbers and even envisioned them from the pictures as overscale candles. So I'm not as impressed with Designer Jean-Marie Massaud's "Overscale Flames" which in reality are only a mere 7 - 20 inches in height. I like the design though, that it actually made of opaque black ceramic supported by a metal frame, with a built in oil reservoir and wick. I'm so disappointed that I can't get the five foot version though. Will someone please start making them?

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these candles are still JUST COOL!

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sarahelizabeth said...

These are so beautiful!

Chris said...

Those are amazing! I'd *love* to have a five foot candle in my house.