cool product :: futuristic shower tub

How cool is this? The Rotator, a futuristic Tub / Shower first made its debut at the International Furniture Fair in Milan in April. It cleverly rotates on the wall for a quick shower or a long soak. This squeaky clean tub design is the brainchild of designer, artist, renowned architect Ron Arad.

futuristic tub

From Doobybrain: "The Rotator is a unique bathtub and shower combination that can transform from bathtub to shower in just one quick rotation on the wall. When the fatter end of the unit is at the bottom, a person can step inside and sit as if they were in a tub. Should the occupant want to take a shower, all he/she has to do is turn the unit “upside-down” and new water (not the water that you bathed in) comes flowing down from the water outlet.

If you’re taking a bath and you’re finished, simply rotate the Rotator sideways and the water drains out of the tub with the help of gravity.

I bet cleaning it is a snap too. The Rotator - it's JUST COOL!

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