cool product :: modern bowls are squishy

The everyday Cereal bowl has gotten a squishy space age makeover over at Guyot Designs. This breakfast friendly (lunch and dinner too) tableware won Backpacker's Editors Choice Award in 2007 . Why? Because it's collapsible for easy packing, yet retains its shape and is perfect for hot and cold foods on-the-go. Plus its made of that flexible space age food grade silicone stuff which makes it temperature resistant to 400˚F. (soup and coffee, people!) And it comes in graduated sizes plus four cool colors too.


"Every time we unpacked these groovy silicone "squishy bowls," we got covetous glances from our comrades. Cool Stuff: Mash them into your pack any old way, pull them out, and watch them pop back into shape ... and they're easy to clean – just turn one inside out and lick it."

- Backpacker March 2007

Think of the other great uses for this one - great for baby and pets on the go, and picnics too. I love this bowl - its JUST COOL!

read more about it at GuyotDesigns
via the gear junkie

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