Cool Products :: 2008 kitchen gadget winners

Kitchen Devotees will love these JUST COOL gadgets that won the bronze at the 2008 International Design Excellence Awards (IDEAs)

Blooop Sink Stopper

Blooop is a sink stopper that reflects the beauty of the water it holds. The bottom of the stopper has a tapered plug that guides it into the drain hole. The disk-like surface seals off against the drain to keep water in the sink. The user releases the water by grabbing Blooop’s stem and pulling it out of the drain. This one is still in the concept stages and was designed by Lunar Europe (Germany). Hope it comes out soon!

Wilton Rolling Pin

The Wilton Rolling Pin was designed for professional bakers (and people who enjoy baking), this patent-pending product is the first fully submersible, dishwasher-proof rolling pin on the market. The nonslip handles provide a sure grip during use. Pressing a button on the side allows the handles to be removed for efficient cleaning. A nonstick roller results in improved performance and easy clean-up. The Wilton Rolling Pin is an example of good design transforming an age-old tool into a new, ergonomic, more efficient product.

Good Grips Silicone Cooking Colander

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I'm wanting one of these! Good Grips Silicone Cooking Colander is a unique, all-in-one product. The colander is easily collapsed and deployed, with a pop-and-punch interaction that is both useful and fun. The traditional, familiar hanging basket form has been updated with a pop-up silicone basket. A long rubberized handle keeps hands away from heat, increasing safety and comfort. This design allows parboiling, boiling, blanching, steaming, straining and cooling to be done with one tool. When collapsed, the low profile colander also allows compact storage in cramped quarters.

Good Grips Silicone Cooking Colander is 19.99
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