pets :: a smarter fish bowl

One goldfish, fifteen ways. When industrial designer Roger Arquer exhibited his fish bowl art at the London Design Festival last year, it was deep. He used these goldfish digs as a metaphor to illustrate life and relationships. “Each piece examines a topic or suggests a solution to an issue,” says Arquer.


Above: Wishing Well, represents cultural traditions related to throwing coins on wells or fountains.


Above: Bottle Vase, shows how we use objects for another purpose, when they original function has ended. (love that multi-purposing!)


Above: XS or XL, illustrates relationships between a big fish and a small one living together.


Above: Above Water is about sharing the water between the fish bowl and the plant.

For those concerned, no fish were harmed in the exhibit. All were treated humanely, fed, water changed and because it was a temporary installation they went back to their homes when it was over.

Read and see more about this gold fish bowl exhibit at one of my fav blogs, Dezeen.com

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