business :: which web host is best?

Wow! I just checked my stats on my art website, and this week for some reason I have had a dramatic increase in visitors. Yay! All I want to know is, what am I doing right? The downside to this, however, is perhaps I don't have enough bandwidth to acommodate all my curious visitors. The web host I use now has been sufficient but maybe I should research some other candidates and get the best deal for my money, especially if I am going to have to increase bandwidth plus maybe get a few other add on features as well.

There's a website called www.WebHostingRating.com that reviews a slew of popular and reputable web hosting providers and provides you with a web hosting rating to help you out in deciding which provider is best for you and your needs. Now this is just what I'm looking for! I have to admit when it comes to all the technical details of websites like bandwidth, asp,vps,unix colocation and all those other crazy terms, I am pretty dense. But this website explains it all, and believe me, there's a lot to know. It answers all your questions with articles that talk about how affordable web hosting can be, linux hosting, the power of sub-domains,front page,colocation (theres that word again!), support options and the list goes on. It's a very detailed site with in depth information, prices for all the services that you are looking for and it is well designed, easy to navigate - everything is right there. I like that. If you are seriously looking for a new and reputable web hosting service, I highly recommend that you check the website out before making any decisions.

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