cool product :: nike introduces superman vision

When I was eight months pregnant, a Mack truck pulled into the left lane, alongside my tiny grey Mercury Vega. I went to turn right and so did he. He wasn't watching his side view mirror and C-R-U-N-C-H .... his mack truck totally squashed the side of my little car. Major fender bender - Bex and I were inches from death! Fortunately, Bex and I survived (and maybe that's why we're both weird to this day;) ). Ever since that hair raising experience, I've always been an overly cautious driver. My eyes are always peeled for that one sneaky driver that wants to cut you off, pass you in the wrong lane - even the shoulder. The same holds true for cyclists - they have to be acutely aware of their car driving counterparts to remain safe on the road.

So in comes Nike with the coolest glasses! Nike's Hindsight cyclist's glasses from designer Billy May are designed to stop cyclists from getting hurt on the roads, (hey, I wonder how they would work for drivers?) These shades give the wearer superman powers with extended peripheral vision. How is it done? Not technically speaking, at the extended side of each lens is a high-power Fresnel lens that captures the wearer's side views he doesn't see, and sends it into his peripheral vision. What a clever way of avoiding being side-swiped by a fast moving vehicle that was sitting outside your normal vision.

I wish they had had these twenty plus years ago! They're safe, stylish and JUST COOL!

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