cool product :: wood in the know

Here's something clever! A sleek chunk of wood (for all you teaky organic types) that tells you the weather and the time. The WoodStation® has a movement sensor that detects your body movement so that with a wave of your hand, it automatically displays an information screen through the wood. The luminous icons display when lit up and this nifty gotta have gadget can track fluctuations in barometric pressure, indoor relative temperature and indoor relative hygrometry data to provide you with an accurate weather forecast 12 to 24 hours in advance! It also manages Hour, Calendar and Alarm clock functions and with big bold icons to deliver all this this necessary information, its JUST COOL!

SĂ©bastien Wallet, a designer for it's manufacturer Inovaxion, says this cool chunk of woody goodness will be on the market within a mere months time. Oh goody!

found at yanko design

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