fun :: a camping we will go

When you're young, theres nothing like going camping! I remember back in the day when we would "rough it" in our down sleeping bags and camp out under the stars in our canvas tent, telling ghost stories around the campfire and go to sleep hoping we'd awake the next morning and not get eaten by bears. That was over thirty years ago and camping sure has come a long way. It has become so civilized with all the new sophisticated camping gear, that comfortably speaking, it's like you never left home! Air mattresses for instance - Heck we never had the luxury of a blow up air mattress when we were camping out in the wild. Now the air mattress is a standard item on everyones camping items list and you don't leave home without it. Theres so many different designs, styles and sizes that there's even a buyers guide on the internet that specializes in air mattresses. It covers all you need to know about buying an air bed. Pretty cool, huh?

Oh and air mattresses arent just for camping,either. They are great when you have company too. I wish I had known about this site last year when I had to quickly purchase one for my guests that were coming for Thanksgiving. Lets just say it was a disaster getting the wrong one and we had to go back to the store and get a totally different kind of air mattress during their stay which was not good. So check out the site, BEFORE you go out to buy your next air mattress!

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