fun :: virtual lego builder!

The kids were over for dinner the other night, filling me in on their big weekend in Chicago. While Josh ran the show at his booth at the RC Trade Show (for his axon racing systems razorback), Sasha and the kids did Chicago, checking out all the sites and kid spots, one of which is the famed lego land discovery centre. My grandson Aven is an avid lego builder, he's always creating something with those colorful little blocks, just like his dad did 30 years ago when this popular building toy came out. Well now the "must have toy" is a staple in every kids toy box. And now, instead of paying 7.95 for a box of Legos, we are paying 30.00! Inflation, recession, depression - it IS depressing how much it costs these days to keep our kids supplied with the latest toys. So, wasn't I proud of myself when I found the neatest site for kids where they can play with virtual legos online. YES! Not only is it cheap - FREE actually - but there aren't any tiny red lego blocks to clean up after or suck up into your soon to be broken vacuum cleaner.

So Moms and Dads, Gramps and Grannys - check it out- The Lego Digital Designer - fun for the kids - It's JUST COOL!

thanks bunchofnerds

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