gadgets :: help! which toaster?

This morning the toaster oven I bought at a garage sale blew up, so I was looking around the internet for a new one. Yup, I decided to bite the bullet and buy a new bread toaster. Did you know that besides your average joe toaster there are alot of really cool looking ones, old and new, out there?

What started as a simple design in the 1800's has evolved into a multi tasking, computer driven, heat sensoring, light medium and dark toasting machine. There's even a website called Toaster Oven's Guide. It de-mistifies the toaster buying experience and has everything you need to know about purchasing bread toasters and toaster ovens. Like wattage, functions, convection or conventional ovens and even compares prices for the different kinds.

Who knew buying these little bread cookers would be such a confusing experience ? And for a piece of toast no less!

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