lighting :: glowing candles. Are they real?

What will they think of next? I was at a friends the other night having dinner and after, went to blow out the candles and to my amazement, when I looked a little closer, they weren't real at all but battery operated imitations! I'm sure alot of you are familiar with these, but I wasn't , and I must admit I was HIGHLY impressed. They smell good - these had a subtle vanilla scent - and they look good. Real wax on the outside. Even the flickering "candlelight" had that glowing ambience that candles are all about! So I put these down on my GOTTA HAVE IT list. These candles are JUST COOL.

Battery-Operated Flicker Candle available at SMARTHOME

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Jamie said...

Wow! Made of wax AND battery operated? Gotta love it!