science :: how old are you really?

I've heard about the RealAge Test for a while now but never took it. Funny, because often times when I turn on Oprah, there he is, Dr. Oz, one of the creators of the test and the website. (Didn't you hate it when he held up that disgusting yellow slab of stomach innards on one of those Oz episodes?) So I decided out of curiosity to check it out and Take the free RealAge Test. Heck, I feel young for my years, so how old could it make my real age be ? So off I went to find out my RealAge. The test calculates all your answers into what is known as your RealAge. Your RealAge is the biological age of your body, based on how well you've maintained it. It will ask you medical questions, relationship questions and more, so it really gets to know the real you. I'm not surprised that it came up with my age as being five years younger than I really am. I try to live a healthy life, eating a balanced diet, walking regularly and avoiding stress. Plus I think having positive close family ties helps a lot. Even having my little dog Poppy Petunia keeps me ageless! ;) A great part of this website too, is that it has a plethura of health information that is totally customized to your needs. In fact after I took the test, now whenever I go back to the site, all my issues that I put in the test show up with articles and tips and suggestions. Its JUST COOL! So go ahead, and Take the RealAge Test! It's Free!



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