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I love all those commercials on TV that advertise finding your soul mate through internet dating web sites. There are so many services out there, that it makes you wonder, can people really find true love on the internet? Actually, I know they can because two couples I know really hooked up through these services and two of them actually got married last year. Crazy! Hmmm...maybe there is hope for me ;)

I admit it - I checked out sites like these a few years ago when they just started surfacing on the internet but I was always hesitant to sign up. I mean, how could you really know someone, just from emailing back and forth and reading a glorified profile that of course would exxagerate the positive and forget to mention the negative.

True.com, is such a dating website where making that love connection is possible. You can search for free and yes, sign up is free too. True.com is dedicated to providing a safer and smarter way to help you in finding your soulmate. With their customized questionaires and dating knowledge , they will guide you through the process of finding that special person and making the sparks happen. When you take their compatiblity test ( that's endorsed by Psychology Today, by the way) , you'll find out more about yourself and True.com can make an accurate match. Another cool thing about True.com is that it actually screens all of it's communicating members against some of the largest criminal records databases on the Internet. So you won't be dating any perverted rapist serial killers, which is a good thing. So check out the site. It has a lot of information and it's free. You have nothing to lose and maybe your soul mate to gain!


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