Sports :: If you have to buy a gun...

I can't believe Christmas is only two and half months away. Christmas items are out on the store shelves and today Sasha informed me that my grandson has already made out his list for Santa. It seems like all the hoopla over the Holidays comes earlier and earlier every year. Out of curiosity and just wondering what little boys are wanting from Santa these days, I asked Sasha, "What's on Aven's list?" Her answer? A Paint Ball Gun.

Holy Moly! My cute little six year old grandson wants a gun?! I was mortified. But curious. So, snoopy Mimi that I am, decided to do a little investigating on the internet and see just what the scoop is on paint ball guns.

Lo and behold I found one excellent website called Airgun Depot. It was very easy to navigate, listing a huge array of top quality paint ball guns, pellet guns,replica guns, bb guns, air rifles, blank guns etc. In fact I never realized there were so many kinds of guns. There is even one called an airsoft shotgun, and the website had a really cool video that demonstrated it in action. I continued to search the website, now more determined then ever to find evidence that would snuff out my grandson's dangerous wish of owning a gun. Still, I have to admit I was impressed. This website has a ton of features, from reviews, to testimonials, to lists of guns, supplies, prices and more. I confess that yes, if I were a gun enthusiast, this is DEFINITELY the website that I would be at. So I continued reading with interest all that the site had to offer. Then, I found it. The golden words I had been looking for.

"High-powered airguns are recommended for use by those 18 years of age or older."

I quickly bookmarked the page to show the kids, feeling like I was reliving the movie classic "Christmas Story". Then I thought to myself how responsible of the website, that it puts that warning right up there on the front page. Not only is the website professional, but it has integrity as well. So even though I'm not a gun sports fan myself, I would definitely recommend this site to those who are. It's professional and knowledgeable and seems to stock every product they would ever need in the way of guns!

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