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The Tonke Camper van
A mini home on wheels, the Tonke Camper isn't just your run of the mill mold injected RV. It's a throwback to an era of fine handmade craftsmanship. Inspired by gypsy caravans and classic yachts of old, this cool camper van is part monster truck, and part little house on the prairie. Tonke campers are the brainchild of a Dutch documentary film-maker named Maarten Van Soest. Each is hand-built in the village of Wagenberg Netherlands.

The nifty little home on wheels is constructed with all quality materials including porcelain sink, stainless steel fixtures and glowing teak wood accoutrements. In fact it looks like the inside of a yacht, doesn't it? With a shower, toilet and kitchenette on board, the Tonke is designed for camping in the wild and is fully self sufficient. The camper unit can be lifted off the van chassis in 15 minutes, allowing it to go solo as a self-contained guest house, office or mini house.


I always wanted a gypsy wagon! It's JUST COOL!

more at www.tonkecampers.nl

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