Travel :: bald heads seeking New Zealand Adventure

My daughter Bex is always up for adventure so I mentioned a cool contest to her that www.airnewzealand.com has going on. I think she would be the perfect candidate for it! Plus she needs a hairstyle change ;)

Air New Zealand is holding a casting call in late October to select 30 adults who will be shaved and tattooed to serve as cranial billboards as part of the airline’s marketing campaign promoting life-changing journeys to New Zealand. Now I know my Bexxy would be up for that! She has some crazy tattoos already, plus she is wild at heart - the crazier the idea, the more likely she is to do it. She just finished a three month hike on the Appalachian trail and this adventure would fit in nicely between that and the Africa trip she has planned for next year. Each cranial billboard winner will choose a cash prize or an economy round trip ticket to New Zealand. 30 human billboards will go about their bald lives hat-free, carrying their message and, when asked, communicating about individuals needs for change and the transformation that a journey to New Zealand will offer. Hey, that's easy enough. And the tattoos aren't the real pain inducing tats either, but temporary, two-week henna tattoos. The back of Rebecca's head will look like the guy below.


At her age I had many life changing adventures, and it's great that she has the opportunity to travel and experience all that the world has to offer. One of my favorite trips was when I was 19. It was in the early 70's, when hippie-dom was alive and well. A few cohorts and I drove an old Rambler from NY to California and spent two years of amazing adventuring in reckless abandonment, up and down the West Coast, living in all sorts of weird places. It was certainly an enlightening time back then. I made some wonderful friends from all over the US, in fact some who are still my good friends today. So how exciting would this adventure be for Bex? A trip to New Zealand, a place that I have heard the most awesome tales about, a place of unsurpassed beauty and thrilling adventures?

It would of course, be JUST COOL!


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