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The fairytale wedding. Every little girl dreams about it. And in the end, sixteen year old Missy Quinn's fairytale dreams came true when her father blew $200,000 and made it happen. Her dad, Simon, said it was worth every penny. Missy, who also has dreams of becoming a glamour model, was thrilled to be the center of everyones attention. How could she not be - with this interesting wedding combo that cost about $30,000 to show her off.


Her dress, studded with Swarovski crystals, and with a 10ft wide train, was so heavy that it took ten guests to help her struggle out of the Rolls-Royce Phantom that brought her to the church. Her crystal bouquet cost $1000. And if you think this outfit is to die for - wait 'til you see her mom's!


Her mom Theresa, 33, pictured above, who by the way bares a striking resemblence to Mariah Carey, said: 'I was surprised they wanted to get married so young in this day and age. But we could see they were madly in love.' She also married her husband at the age of 16.

The couple were married six days after Missy turned 16 at St Mary's Catholic Church in Congleton-Cheshire. After the ceremony-guests in feathers and crystals enjoyed champagne and an all-day buffet at the reception. Girls as young as nine showed off bikini tops, high heels and make-up. One of the guests, Victoria Docherty, who wore a $1200 hotpants and bra outfit, said: 'This isn't unusual - it's just what we do at weddings. It's all very extravagant. "

Extravagant, over the top, trashy .... It's all JUST COOL!

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Uncivil said...

I can't believe I lusted over a 16 year old? That's just wrong!
Daddy must of bought "fun bags" for her and her mommy?