art :: touching strangers

How do you ask complete strangers to pose with and touch each other? How do you do that in New York City of all places? Photographer Richard Renaldi managed to pull off this feat and his photos prove it. His images most often took the form of two or more strangers sitting on the same bench, waiting for a bus. Richard said, "It took some directing and orchestrating on my part, as people need to participate actively in the process of being photographed with a view camera ." After comtemplating the efforts it took to create his other "collections" his "...thoughts about that process led me to the idea of creating new photographs of strangers together, but pushing things a bit further by asking them to physically touch each other. Thus was born the idea of Touching Strangers.

In some of these, you'd never guess they were strangers - but in others body language says it all. These photos are JUST COOL!

via jmcolberg

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