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Morbidly gross, disgusting, just plain yukky banned ads...


The advertisers argued that "Killer Heels" was a visual witticism on the expression 'Killer Heels' and was extremely inventive to make it stand out from other fashion advertisements. Their creativeness didn't stick though and the advertisement was banned after publication in several British newspapers because it " trivialized and stylized violence and, because of that, "was likely to cause widespread and serious offense to readers."


This morbid ad appeared on the television series ''Six Feet Under'', as well as Radio Times, Hello, Time Out, The Observer and The Times magazines and was banned for obvious reasons. The photo reads "IN ETERNUM+ wound filler". Smaller text on the jar stated "Fisher & Sons FUNERAL HOME". Text above the jar stated "beauty to die for". Text in the bottom left corner stated "available from Fisher & Sons FUNERAL HOME luxurytodiefor.com"

Energizer - Chile - was rejected by the client before it hit the press. I wonder why?

It's gross the extremes that advertisers will go to - but the ads are kinda...JUST COOL!

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