christmas :: let's get this party started

I'm so excited. My daughter Rebecca comes home for Thanksgiving next week! I'm busy getting the house organized and decorated. That means cleaning out the guest room which has become a catchall for everything imaginable since she moved out a few years ago. I think everyone has a room like that. It's the place you store seasonal items that you only pull out once a year, like holiday decorations, party supplies etc.

And, speaking of parties, I have to get in gear and start planning mine - Christmas party that is. I like to keep it small, maybe about twenty to twenty five people and I like to mix it up with both friends and family. It's usually buffet style, and I have my closest friends bring one hot dish to share, then I prepare all the entrees. Uncle Juddso supplies the drinks and a very good friend of mine, who by the way should be on that cool TV show "Ace of Cakes", creates a fabulous theme cake. Last year she made a three tier cake with a ski lodge on top (Santa on the chimney) and skiiers slalloming down the tiers of the cake. VERY COOL.

So back to the party. Last night I was online checking out ideas for Christmas Parties and found a really cool site called Celebrations.com that has a ton of interesting ideas. In fact it has great ideas for any occasion or celebration. I will be definitely using it as my guide for this years "festivities". After 20 years of doing this, I think I need to shake things up with some fresh ideas and Celebrations. com has them all!

Hmmm...maybe when Bex gets home she'll help me plan. Maybe I should throw the party a month early so she can partake of all the party fun too! That would be JUST COOL with me!

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