cool product :: a light breakfast

Feeling like a light breakfast? This bowl of cereal and carton of eggs are really light. Fixtures, that is. The cereal isn't real at all but actually a lamp made up of fake milk and fake fruit loops which light up when you touch the spoon. And those eggs down there aren't suitable for eggs benedict, a denver omelette or easter basket material either. They're fake too! What crazy genius designer would come up with illuminating breakfast stuff like this?

Cereal Bowl Light
Wanderlust Designs makes the cool cereal bowl. "Amaze and impress all your friends with the coolest light on earth. Everyone will want a turn touching the spoon and being amazed and perplexed- "How does that work !" they will proclaim. You can tell them its magic or tell them the truth that it's a touch sensor but that's not as much fun."

Ukrainian designer Igor Pinigin's (remember him, the one that designed those cool anemona lights) is responsible for the "Egg Light" taking an everyday food and transforming it into a functional work of art. This design is currently just a concept. I'd like to see it on the market soon - it would make an funky conversation piece in the kitchen.

Breakfast lighting - Its JUST COOL!

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Jamie said...

I love this! I think I've found todays Lighting Trends inspiration! Thanks so much :-)