design :: old world warmth

44I - lounge
19I - painted drawers

Katie Sellers creates cozy vignettes that invite you to sit and stay awhile. I'm inspired by her worn walls, her chippy antiques and retro fabrics. So inspired that I think today I will recover the chairs in the living room, maybe cover a few lampshades, rearrange all the furniture and put out some new (old) rugs.

First I have to tackle the backporch closet and go rooting through all the boxes of fabrics I've horded over the years. What is it with fabric ? I know so many people have this same addiction as I - they see a pattern and texture and weave that they just can't resist, and buy it with all the good design/ sewing/upholstering intentions in the world. Ten years later, there it is, at the bottom of their "fabric collection" stack. Are you one of those fabric-aholics ? Oh yeah, and lets not go into all the broken, chippy, yet fabulous sticks of furniture on that back porch too - the ones that I picked up at tag sales over the years. They're still waiting for my attention . Poor dears...

21I - georgian chair
15I - dressing table
13I- chalkdaybed

28I - cushions
32I - xmas table

46I - dining

35SL - ornamenta4

Katie Sellers is all about the composition . And yes, her rooms are JUST COOL!

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