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I'm one of those who drags their feet when it comes to Christmas shopping. Maybe it's because I've always been a procrastinator or maybe it's because I love the thrills and chills you get on December 24th, when racing through the mall trying to finish that last minute shopping - for the last six people on your list. Whatever it is, I've decided to buckle down this year and start early. Wii Games are a biggy on the list this year. Lots of kids, teenagers and even adults love playing the Wii. Heck, even old lady "moi" has been caught indulging in a game or two with my grandson Aven. But actually this great interactive game is beneficial for older people too, (okay I'm not really THAT old! ) and keeps them young. Case in point -
When 84 year old Nancy Davies, living in a retirement community, defeated real-life bowling champion Hal Winters, 79 in a game of bowling it was at a Wii Sports tournament in the nation's capital. While Winters has been bowling for most of his life, and had even won a bowling tournament earlier this year, Davies, who's only experience was working behind the snack bar in a bowling alley, blew him away with just one year of Wii practice. The DC area retirement center received the Wii units in March 2007, and it instantly became a hit. Now the Senior Center is hosting hockey and shooting tournaments.
Now I think that is wonderful!- I'm making up my own Wii Wish List for Santa right now - Wii is JUST COOL!

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