giving :: heroes at home wish registry

The holidays are all about giving and Sears has come up with a great program to do just that. The Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry is a great opportunity for us to honor our troops by donating Sears products to their families here at home that are very much in need. You can visit the website and read the stories of these needy families who's husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, sons and daughters have been deployed overseas to fight for our country, leaving their loved ones home and alone this Holiday Season.

I read a few of them and they are very inspiring. One Staff Sergeant writes :
" Hello, I'm a Staff Sergeant in the military currently stationed overseas. This my second tour, but not my only tour away from the family. Each time I spend a long time away from my family. So needless to say family time is important. I've missed countless birthdays, anniversaries, and more holidays I can count. It would be a most humbling experience to receive this honor. Many people don't wish to wear this uniform, and some don't understand the price we pay for our service to the country. I have told my kids many times about how serving is a noble cause, and that I wear this uniform so they may never have to. I'm proud of what I do, I always will be. I appreciate your recognition for what I do, and that's all I needed.
And as you can imagine, there are countless more stories to be told. It's easy to donate to the Registry too. You can donate to the family of your choice - it even has a list of items these families are wishing for and I was surprised to see that the number one item wished for was shoes! How humble. So check it out, read their stories and even if you can't make a donation, post a message of support for them. It will be much appreciated by them and their families. I can't imagine how awful it would be to be separated from my family and especially during the Holiday Season. It's nice to see Sears taking the initiative to establish a program such as this - to see how far a wish can go.


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