travel :: win a trip to New Zealand!

Hey people! There's a cool new contest to enter and it's being sponsored by Air New Zealand and Larry the Travel Guy and they are giving away two free round trip flights from LA to Auckland, New Zealand! If you've never been to his website, check it out because it's a little different then your normal travel review website. Larry introduces his travel adventures to the online environment and shares glimpses of his cool trips from his own perspective. He created the website so that others could actually see for themselves that there are great wonders and just down right cool stuff to see throughout the world. And after you enter the contest, you can prepare for your trip by visiting his site and checking out all his videos and pictures of the amazing places he has seen

All you have to do is go his website and enter for this great free trip to New Zealand.I'm entering - they're are so many beautiful places to see in New Zealand that I can't decide which would be my first choice. Where would you like to go? Another cool thing about this contest is whoever wins will have their trip featured on Larry the Travel Guy. Air New Zealand will be paying the bill for this JUST COOL adventure. So go there and enter. NOW!


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