food :: zero calorie Christmas Cookies

Not quite Christmas cookies so not quite zero calories, and not quite edible either. But what a great substitute for the fat and calorie laden real thing!

Knitted cookies!

Hungry for a sweet temptation but don't want the calories? Here's a versatile pattern that will help you use up scrap yarn and keep your creativity flowing! Learn to make spiral shortbread, macademia nut, chocolate chip, classic and fudge m&m cookies, peanut butter chip, frosted, sprinkled and smiling sugar cookies and old-fashioned peanut butter cookies grandma used to make. Use these high-fiber goodies as magnets, coasters, children's play food or just a fun kitchen display. With a little imagination you can design hundreds of cookies from this master recipe! Finished size approximately 3 ¼”.

made by candypopcreations

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Anonymous said...

At first glance, those looked like actual cookies. How clever ^-^
There's a lot of stuff like this on Etsy, everything from necklaces and bracelets with food charms to waffle belt buckles :p