green :: LED in NYC

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I'm impressed. The Big Apple is now adding LED streetlamps to it's green bag of tricks. In 2009 it will be testing this new street lighting technology in designated areas to see how workable it is. With only six experimental installations, I don't know if you'll even notice them though. The good news about these new LED lamps is of course the energy savings and low carbon footprint. Hey, maybe they should make them solar too! I wonder if that is possible.

But as planned, they will use majorly less energy as well as reduce the city’s power usage by 25- 30 percent when and if the whole city goes LED street lit. And that's not the only perk. These lamps are expected to last 50,000-70,000 hours as compared to the high-pressure sodium lights that they will be replacing - the ones that last a measly 24,000 hours. As a result, maintenance and energy costs will be reduced and the expected ROI on each lamp is 2-3 years. Impressive, huh?

So look for an LED street lamp coming to a corner near you. LED street lighting - Now that's JUST COOL!

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