Holiday giving :: a dollar that goes a long way

Have you heard about Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry? Sears established this great program to provide support to the thousands of military service members, veterans and their families through joint efforts with various non-profit organizations. This year Sears is extending its benevolent efforts and  enabling all of us Americans to give thanks and support the military and the sacrifices they are making by fullfilling their wishes through generous donations that will buy Sears gift cards. While donations are not tax deductible, they will purchase gift cards that will be evenly distributed to all the registered military  families. Imagine the happiness you can spread with even the smallest donation! The top items on these families wish lists are just basic needs like shoes, sweaters and pajamas.  So far Sears has taken in over 1.3 million dollars in contributions and helped over 30,000 military families wishes come true for these items that they would have otherwise gone without. Donations can be as little as 1.00 and the families can each receive up to $550.00. Sears will donate any overage to the USO to support other military programs. What a great program this is and at the most giving time of year too! Check out the full details and read what you can do to help at Sears heroes at home info page, and watch this informative video. The Heroes at Home Wish Registry is definitely JUST COOL!


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