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For those old fogeys who read my blog, you may remember the advent of Betsy McCall - The paper doll that McCalls offered in it's monthly publication beginning with it's May 1951 issue. No, I'm not that old yet, but almost ;)  I remember Betsy  - and the excitement that my sister and I felt when Mom's subscription of McCalls arrived  in the mail. We'd fight over who got which dress to cut and who dressed her and she never had enough clothes to keep us at peace with each other. We would eagerly snip and cut and dress our paper doll with the current months fashions.  Today when the focus for kids is on realistic vinyl dolls that do everything from grow teeth to spike fevers with glowing cheeks,  the primitive paper doll is just a memory. I wish my kids and grandkids had the fun of creating and playing with paper dolls. So ... when I was looking for an online paper doll that I could print and add my granddaughter Calla's face to, was I delighted when I found this! The Bleu Door has many of the Betsy McCall pages from the McCalls issues beginning from the 1950's and you can actually print them out in PDF version.  Yaaaaaaaay!!! Just glue Betsy onto cardstock and then cut out her many cute, stylish groovy and keen outfits from those periods. It's VERY COOL to see what the style trends were for those years .

Paper dolls are still - JUST COOL with me!

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Content in a Cottage said...

Old fogey here! I had a whole drawer full of Betsy McCall paperdolls in the 1950s.

Just found your blog and subscribed. Looks good.

Merry Christmas ♥Rosemary