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Corpus 2.0 by Designer Marcia Nolte foresees  how our bodies may evolve in the future . Her study is a set of  seven portraits illustrating how the human body would adapt itself to different products. And why not? Our history of evolution shows how our bodies changed according to needs for survival so it's understandable that these changes could manifest to accomodate all todays "necessities" too. Her portraits include body adaptations like a hole in the lips for smokers, and a highheel foot for the shoe-aholic.Sure - we all need these. The lovely nose ridge modification shown above, will keep out eyeglasses in place and the extended shoulder we may grow someday will easily accomodate all our handbags and mobile electronic gear.


It's an interesting proposal but sans the shoulder holder and highheel foot, the others will never happen because soon we will all have super vision and who the heck will be smoking?
Her ideas are JUST COOL though!

via dezeen

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Uncivil said...

That's just wrong??????

Giorgio said...

Nice photoshop job, but it won't happen. The evolutionary mutation has to provide a reproductive advantage to the subject, if the change is going to stay.
The ability to carry a bag on the shoulder, for example, does not increase the reproductive chances of the subject with the trait.