weird :: giant green chicken


In my childhood, I always wanted to ride on a green chicken. I secretly relished the idea of it being made entirely of plastic complete with a dangerously sharp and pointed plastic beak. I wonder if John Hayon the designer of this really giant plastic poultry has ESP?



From his website John describes his fantastic toy design:

“Green chicken: The chicken, a rather unexplored shape, found its place amongst my green dreams. I wanted to portray this common bird as a sensational object by amplifying its characteristics and dimensions, turning it into a modern piece, one of great beauty and utility: a rocking chair. The movement, subtle and constant, would give the object a zoom-like trait, a sense of speed and dynamism. My green chicken had taken on a face, a shape, a place and a function.”

Aren't green rocking chickens JUST COOL?!

via picdit

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