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Have you ever watched Dr. 90210 on E? It's a show about a group of plastic surgeons, their Beverly Hills practice and the surgeries that they perform. Despite some of the gorey parts, I find it fascinating. Most of the show deals with plastic surgery, nose jobs, tummy tucks, breast enhancement and liposuction. 

It really is amazing how far cosmetic surgery has come since the "old days". I wouldn't be suprised if atleast one out of every ten people is getting some sort of procedure done to look more attractive and youthful. You can even read up on it on the internet in very informative websites like  MYA.com. MYA stands for Make Yourself Amazing and thats just what it does for those who elect to choose cosmetic surgery. The MYA site is very helpful if you need info on procedures like breast implants and even breast reduction, which believe it or not is a procedure done not just for vanities sake, but also for medical reasons like back problems . The site is excellent in that it provides everything you need to know from information on the different procedures to before and after shots, financing and pricing and you can even call for a free consultation.  Their quality team of surgeons include some of the most experienced surgeons in the world and with 25 years and 100,000 surgeries under their belt, you know you'll be in good hands when you choose MYA . So check out their site!

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