cool product :: tattoo your bathroom

So cool! Now you can tattoo your home. Well not your actual house but any tile in your house becomes fair game when it comes to these ingenious "tile tattoos". Sick of that plain white tile in the bathroom , or that ugly yellow tile backsplash in your kitchen? Tile tattoos will remedy the tile blahs so easily, you'll be  hooked enough to  wish your home was ridden with ugly tiles to tattoo. (Unfortunately I don't see these working on my sons house with it's disgusting multicolored pebbly ornate 1980's tile though- nothing can fix that.)

But if you have plain tiles then go for it! Here's just a sampling of what Mibo's Tile Tattoos have to offer:

item JANMB1024SR 
item JANMB1024VG 

A set of six 4.25" squares is $16 and a set of six 6" squares is $18.00 at 2Jane.

Tattoos that I like - and these are JUST COOL!

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