IPhone :: double duty

Why not make your IPhone or Ipod touch useful as well as beautiful while it's in it's dock charging? This cool  app features an LCD Clock and calendar combination  with an alarm clock function. Looks great with different screens to match any decor!

-12 or 24 hour time mode display (Tap the time display to switch).
-Four display colors to choose from (Green, Yellow, Red, Indigo).
-Able to change the display color and adjust brightness by simply double-tapping the display screen.
-Able to flick the calendar to display up to six future months. Tap the date display to return to the current month.
-Multiple date formats; yyyy/mm/dd, mm/dd/yyyy, or dd/mm/yyyy.
-Option to display the weeks starting Sunday or Monday.
-Option to select highlighted U.S. or Japan holidays on the calendars. You can also customize holidays by selecting “Customize” in “ Select Holidays” and go to “Customize Holidays” to personalize highlighted dates. A useful option to remind you of birthdays and anniversaries.
-Option to disable “auto-locking” of the system, so LCD Clock display will stay on while LCD Clock application is running.
-Alarm function with snooze option (Tap the alarm clock icon on the display to set and activate).
-Backlight Timer (Tap right side of the alarm clock icon or gently shake the devise to activate the backlight)
-Support the device’s landscaping and reverse portrait position.
-Option to display Japanese “Rokuyou” calendar.
Ninety nine cents. Get it here.

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