movies :: all roads lead home

Yay for family movie night! I dont know about your family but our family loves watching videos and family movie night around here can be any time of the week. It consists of all of us on the couch, a big blanket and a bucket of popcorn and most importantly a great pick for a movie. We have an  eclectic mix of tastes so anything goes as far as type of movie we will pick. I like comedies, romance and suspense, the girls like anything with blood, gore violence and creepiness and my son likes sci -fi and documentaries. But when it comes to something for everyone (and when the grandkids are on the couch) we like fun, family oriented movies, those with PG ratings. So when I saw this trailer for All Roads Lead Home The Movie, I knew it would be on our soon to watch movie list. It looks like a sappy tear jerker, too and I love those! Inspired by a true story, it has a lesson to learn about how important family is - "what tears us apart, what brings us together and what makes us family." And it's got animals in it, lots of dogs and horses - another reason for me to want to see it! The movie comes out today on DVD and was the winner of the Best Feature Drama at the International Family Film Festival. So put it down on your "have to see" movies list and check out the trailer.


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